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Money Transfer

myCitadel Wallet allows you to send money to friends and family for FREE*. It's safe, secure and easy to do. With available funds in your wallet, you can:
  • Send a money gift
  • Send money to your kids away at college and university
  • Send money to a friend for their used goods
  • Send money to someone for a loan

Money can be sent to anyone even if they do not have a wallet account. As long as the recipient has a valid email address, they will be able to receive your money.

Log into your myCitadel Wallet, and initiate a Money Transfer by clicking "Send Money" under Wallet Tools. Enter the recipient's email address and the amount of money you wish to send. The funds will be transferred from your account and the recipient will be notified via email of the Money Transfer. Once the recipient accepts this transfer, the money will be transferred into their wallet and you will receive an email notification informing you that the money has been received.

myCitadel Wallet holder can send money to non-wallet holders. Non-wallet holders will be notified via email that they have received money from the sender (a myCitadel Wallet holder) and that they must sign up for a myCitadel Wallet to receive the funds. Once they have completed sign up, they will be able to accept and receive the funds.

(*Note: The recipient pays a service fee of 1.9% from the amount of the Money Transfer.)
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