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Depositing Funds

Electronic Check (ACH/EFT)
Citadel Commerce is a leading provider of online check processing, and we leverage our expertise to provide this capability to our myCitadel Wallet holders. To deposit funds using an online check, register your checking account to your myCitadel Wallet by providing the details found on a paper check.

To make your funds Instantly Available when depositing to your myCitadel Wallet via ACH/Electronic check, ensure the "Make my deposit instantly available for my merchant payments" check box is selected. A 6.9% fee applies on all instantly cleared deposits made via ACH/Electronic Check Deposit. To learn more about this deposit option, click here.

(Note: Any deposit funds made Instantly Available at the 6.9% fee require a waiting period of 5 business days before they are available for withdrawal.)

Internet Banking
Internet Banking is available to myCitadel Wallet holders in Canada, the UK, and Europe (France, Spain, and Germany). To make a deposit using your Internet Banking service, simply provide your myCitadel Wallet details to your bank, as you would with any other payment, and have the money transferred from your bank account to your myCitadel Wallet. Internet banking deposits generally take from 3-5 business days to arrive in your myCitadel Wallet. Detailed instructions are available in the “Deposit to Wallet” section when you log into your myCitadel Wallet.

As a myCitadel Wallet holder, you can use SecureSwipe to instantly access and securely transfer funds directly from your bank account into your myCitadel Wallet. It’s like having a personal ATM in your home.

SecureSwipe works like your bank's ATM. Just swipe your personal bank card, enter your personal bank card PIN, and funds are securely and instantly transferred from your bank account to your online wallet. These funds are immediately available for you to use online.

This service is faster and more efficient than any other online payment system. You only need to install the software on your computer once, and you are ready to go (if you use your bank card for SecureSwipe, your bank may apply regular bank fees).

Non-Swiped Credit Card (all countries) Set up your credit card for use with myCitadel Express Pay to instantly transfer funds direct from your credit card to your merchant account for FREE.

myCitadel Express Pay automatically withdraws the amount of your Merchant Payment direct from your credit card when there are not enough funds in your myCitadel Wallet to pay for the transaction.

Asian Debit Cards
For customers in Asia, use your local Debit Card as a fast and easy method to make direct deposits to your online wallet.

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