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What happens if I forget to put sufficient funds in my bank account for Transfer In?

If you transfer funds into your myCitadel wallet from your bank, and the check is returned to Citadel Commerce for insufficient funds, we will freeze your myCitadel wallet and attempt to re-present your check to your bank for payment again.  This process can take up to 30 days, as we attempt to cash the check several times before we give up.


We will send you an email if your myCitadel wallet is frozen due to an insufficient funds check, and the fastest way to clear this is to put sufficient funds in to your bank account to cover the original amount so that the check will clear when we re-present it for a second or third time.  The wallet will remain frozen until the check finally clears the bank, and this may take up to 10 days to happen.   An administration fee may also be charged for returned checks.


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