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How do I cancel a Money Transfer?
If the recipient has not accepted your Money Transfer, you can cancel it by following the steps:
  1. Login to your myCitadel Wallet Account.
  2. Go to "View Account Transactions" on your "Account Summary" page.
  3. Under "Currency & Transaction Type", select "All" for the Currency and "Money Transfer" for the Transaction Type.
  4. Select your "From" and "To" date, and click "View".
  5. From the list, locate the "Money Transfer" that you would like to cancel, and click on the item under the "Description" column.
  6. You will be on the "View Transaction Details" page. If you see a "Cancel Money Transfer" button, this means that the recipient has not accepted this transfer and you will be able to cancel the Money Transfer.
  7. Click "Cancel Money Transfer" and you will need to confirm the details for the cancellation and you can enter an optional message to the recipient and optional personal notes for yourself.
  8. Click "Cancel Money Transfer" and the recipient will be notified via email that you have cancelled the Money Transfer and the funds will be refunded back to your wallet account.
If the recipient has already accepted the Money Transfer, myCitadel Wallet can not reverse the transaction. We recommend that you contact your recipient directly and make arrangements to have the money sent back to you via myCitadel Wallet or another method of your choosing.

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