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Payment Permission Configuration

Payment Permission

Provide permission to a merchant to debit your myCitadel wallet.

  • Remaining Amount :  The total amount, in the currency shown, that the merchant can debit from your wallet, from this point on, before reapplying for your permission.
  • Expiry Date : The date and time (PST/PDT) at which this permission expires.  The format for the expiry date is yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss, where
    • yyyy is the four digit year
    • MM is the two digit month
    • dd is the two digit day of the month
    • hh is the two digit hour (24-hour clock)
    • mm is the two digit minute
    • ss is the two digit seconds
  • For Payment Permissions where you trust the merchant, the fields Remaining Amount and Expiry Date will contain "Unlimited" and "Never" respectively.
  • Unlimited Remaining Amount means the limit of the transaction will be up to the total of available funds on your wallet.
  • If the field Expiry Date contains "Never", then this Payment Permission will never expire.

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